RAINcane 19 ft. Boom Irrigation

RAINcane Boom Irrigation is constructed from three sections of 76 inch water curtains that seamlessly deliver a 19 ft curtain of water. These three sections can be operated with one valve for a solid 19 foot curtain of water or the boom can be separated into three sections operated by different valves for watering different sizes or types of plants. Another option is to have one valve operate short water curtains on either end of the boom that only water the edges of the bench thereby eliminating manual watering of bench edges. These water curtains deliver a larger droplet size that pushes through thick foliage. They reduce greenhouse humidity which make it more difficult for airborne pathogens to survive. Finally the curtain can be adjusted to almost any height to accommodate any size of plant and still deliver even coverage across the bench. Requirements for a full 19 foot water curtain are 50psi of operating water pressure and a one inch hose to the boom. RAINcane Irrigation Boom fits all watering boom brands. Buy RAINcane Boom Irrigation and discover it's advantages.
RAINcane 19 ft. Boom Irrigation
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  • Item #: RCBoom19
  • Manufacturer: RAINcane
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